Sweeney, Augustin and Associates recognizes the potential challenges our clients face in developing peer relationships. As a practice we are committed to facilitating growth in this area and supporting our clients in developing meaningful friendships. Our Peer-Based Social Intervention program was developed with insight from both our social workers and speech and language pathologists in order to incorporate the domains of social reciprocity and social communication. Our staff utilizes structured one-on-one interactions in order to facilitate opportunities for flexible thinking, problem solving, and experience sharing.

Typical peer sessions are structured in a dyad format, matching our clients with a peer partner based on multiple factors such as age, level of support needed, and interests in order to optimize the potential for friendship to develop. Current research strongly supports the value of making connections between therapy and home, and our practice also works to match clients based on geographic location and ability to access one another in order to allow for out of office interaction between sessions.

Our peer-based social intervention is offered in both weekly and Block formats.