About Block Therapy™

At Sweeney, Augustin and Associates, our Block Therapy™ consists of 30 hours of therapeutic intervention over six weeks. The Block schedule was designed to address what is now known about neuroplasticity–that intensive intervention can have a more significant impact on the structure and organization of the brain than intervention offered on a less intensive basis. Block programs are made up of a combination of speech and language therapy, social work, and attention intervention depending on the needs of the client.

We actively encourage the participation of parents, caregivers, and home therapy team members on a daily basis. Because it is important for everyone’s communication expectations to change and grow as the child changes and grows, this participation is key to the success of the Blocks. We also facilitate communication amongst the Block Therapy™ team, the child’s family and other providers, by sharing video clips of therapy sessions throughout the six weeks of the Block.

The results of an anonymous survey completed by parents of children who have finished a Block in our clinic unanimously supported the value of this service delivery model. Of those who responded (over 50% return rate) 87.5% agreed that Block Therapy™ was more effective than the traditional therapy delivery model and 100% of the parents who responded said they would recommend Block Therapy™ to other parents.


Of parents surveyed would recommend Block Therapy™


Agreed Block Therapy™ was more effective than the traditional therapy.

Blocks Offered

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Speech Motor Blocks

Our Speech Motor Blocks are based upon current research in motor learning theory as well as neuroplasticity.

Social Work Blocks

Our Social Work Blocks primarily focus on social reciprocity.

Expressive Language Blocks

Our expressive language Blocks cover a variety of functions that language serves.

Peer-Based Social Blocks

Our Peer-Based Social Blocks primarily focus on social reciprocity and social communication with a matched peer.

Feeding Therapy Blocks

Feeding therapy at Sweeney, Augustin and Associates uses relationship based intervention to expand our clients’ food repertoire and social desire to engage with food.

Attention Intervention

Our Blocks incorporate attention work into 30 minutes of each two hours of intervention.